Free Christmas Sermon – Joseph Monologue

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Author: Rob Westbrook
Updated: 2/26/2019
Free Christmas Sermon – Joseph Monologue


Here’s a unique free Christmas sermon.

Sometimes it’s a good thing for a pastor to change up his way of delivering a sermon. When we occasionally do something a bit different, our people tend to pay attention more and grasp the message a little better.

Back in 2001, leading up to Christmas, I did something quite different, at least for me. I really wanted the people to grasp the reality of the Incarnation, and the real story for Mary and Joseph. So I put together a Joseph monologue. I assumed the role of Joseph. I dressed the part, with the robe, head covering, the whole package. And I presented the story of Jesus, from Joseph’s perspective.

There were a few giggles when I first walked out in my weird attire, but by the end of the message, I think they got it.

Monologues are not something I would do very often. But, for a change of pace and to cement a point with your people, they can be quite effective.

You might be interested in doing something like this as Christmas approaches. So I’m making my notes from that monologue available to you. Maybe these notes will give you a beginning point for building your own monologue.

You can view the sermon below. The notes are in .pdf format. Click the link below to download the notes to your computer or device.

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