Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2

Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2

Today, pastors are busier than ever, with more time spent in ministry activities and less time spent in sermon preparation. Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2 gives the busy pastor a head start on sermon preparation. With 52 complete sermon outlines, pastors can save hundreds of hours a year, with the base research and layout for a year’s worth of sermons already in place.

Here are some advantages Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2 provides:

  • These are complete sermon outlines. Each sermon outline is much more than a basic three-point outline requiring a lot of time and research to flesh out. These outlines go much deeper, with each main point completely developed with sub-points and more.
  • Each sermon outline has a wealth of detail, great for spurring your own thoughts and allowing you to take the sermon in another direction as you feel led.
  • Sermon illustrations include enough detail to suggest your own personal or applicable illustrations.
  • Can be used for Sunday Morning messages, Sunday Night sermons, or Wednesday Night teaching.
  • Three complete sermon series are included: “Misconceptions”, a look at some misunderstandings about the church, “Seriously”, covering some spiritual disciplines Christians can incorporate into their lives, and “Xmas-What’s Missing in Your Christmas”, an examination of what we miss with the commercialization of Christmas. These series provide a map for the next several Sundays, saving many hours of advance planning and preparation.

Sermon Titles and Scripture References

1A Fresh StartExodus 2:1-10Begin the new year encouraging people to a fresh start using the example of Moses.
2What Is A Christian?Acts 11:19-26The differences between the world’s definition of a Christian and what we find in the Bible.
3Abnormal1 Peter 2:4-12Christians are not normal people.
4The Fear of the LordProverbs 1:7What does the phrase “The fear of the Lord” mean?
5The Call-Promise-and ChallengeNumbers 13:26-33God has called us, made a promise to us, and challenged us. What choice will we make?
6The Most Important Exam2 Corinthians 13:5Are our lives exhibiting the marks of faith in Jesus Christ? Take the test and see.
7RequirementsDeuteronomy 10:12-22What does God require of us?
8What the Lord Supper Means1 Corinthians 11:23-40A deep dive into the meaning of Communion.
9Just Who Are You?Colossians 2:6-20Whatever we may think of ourselves, the Bible tells us exactly who we are in Christ.
10Jesus - Our RedemptionGalatians 4:3-7A Biblical look at how Jesus has redeemed us through the cross.
11The Tempter and UsGenesis 3:1-7A look at the devil’s deceitful ways and how we can resist temptation.
12Jesus - The PropitiationRomans 3:21-26Jesus appeased the wrath of God by His sacrifice.
13What’s the Point of a Right Life?Romans 12:1-2Why should we live godly lives once we’re saved?
14A Church in TroubleRevelation 3:14-22Avoid the problems found in the Laodicean church.
15Palm Sunday - Jesus is Not Always What We Want Him to BeRomans 3:21-26Who we want Jesus to be versus who He really is.
16The Sacrifice of AtonementRomans 3:21-26What is meant by the atonement and what does it mean for us?
17Out of the BlueMatthew 27:15-26Jesus surprises us with His generous grace and mercy.
18ChasingPsalm 63:1-8When we’ve backslidden, we have one of two choices.
19A Woman Who Makes a DifferenceActs 9:36-43A Mother’s day message using Tabitha as an example of a woman who makes a difference.
20Messed Up PeopleGenesis 9:18-23In the Bible, we see many many examples of God using messed up people. Could it be He can use you, too?
21A Matter of FaithHebrews 11:1-6What is faith? Why does God allow our faith to be tested?
22What Faith Has to OfferHebrews 11:32-40What should we expect from our faith in God?
23Something to Glory InJeremiah 9:23-24What does the world glory in? What can we, as Christians, glory in?
24One Eye on the Enemy and One on the WallNehemiah 4:13-17A Father’s Day message based upon the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall.
25By Our LoveJohn 13:31-35Proving our love for Jesus and others through our actions.
26Crime and PunishmentLeviticus 24:10-16The Law in the Old Testament paints a dire picture for us. Is there any hope?
27Follow Jesus or BustLuke 9:57-62We say we follow Jesus. But are we really serious about it?
28A Challenge from GodMalachi 3:6-12A message concerning tithing. What does God really want from us?
29Because of OthersMark 2:1-5Jesus’ healings in the New Testament point to a greater ability to heal. What healings should we ask Jesus for?
30HopeMark 5:24-34One woman pushed through the crowd because of her hope in Jesus. What can we learn from her hope?
31Purpose in ProblemsMatthew 14:22-33The disciples found themselves in trouble on the waters of the Sea of Galilee. Why did Jesus allow the trouble?
32RepentanceMatthew 6:25-33What does the Bible mean when we’re called to repent? How can we repent?
33Reasons for Our ThanksgivingColossians 1:1-6A Thanksgiving sermon. What can we learn about true thanksgiving from Paul?
34Church on FireActs 2:1-4What does a church require to be an “on fire” church? (Sermon 1 of 2)
35Church on Fire - Fan the Flame2 Timothy 1:5-7How can we keep the church fire burning? (Sermon 2 of 2)
36The Name of JesusPhilippians 2:5-11How do most non-Christians form their opinions about Jesus? By the words and deeds of those who claim to know Him.
37When Did Christmas Begin?1 Peter 1:18-21A Christmas sermon. When did Christmas first originate? What does that mean for us today?
38MemorialJoshua 4:1-7An end of the year sermon. Thinking back to God’s work in our lives over the past year?
39Misconceptions - The ChurchMatthew 16:18(Series Sermon 1) What are some misconceptions about the Church and Christianity? What are some misconceptions about the church?
40Misconceptions – WorshipJohn 4:19-26(Series Sermon 2) What are some misconceptions about worship?
41Misconceptions – DiscipleshipLuke 9:23-24(Series Sermon 3) What are some misconceptions about discipleship?
42Misconceptions – Ministry1 Peter 4:10(Series Sermon 4) What are some misconceptions about ministry?
43Misconceptions – EvangelismActs 1:8(Series Sermon 5) What are some misconceptions about evangelism?
44Misconceptions – MissionsActs 1:8(Series Sermon 6) What are some misconceptions about missions?
45Misconceptions – FellowshipActs 2:42-47(Series Sermon 7) What are some misconceptions about fellowship?
46Seriously - Exercise Naked1 Timothy 4:6-10(Series Sermon 1) A sermon series about taking your relationship with God seriously. Live a disciplined life.
47Seriously - The Simple Life2 Corinthians 11:2-4(Series Sermon 2) Live a more simple life.
48Seriously - Peace and QuietPsalm 46:1-11(Series Sermon 3) Living a life of silence and solitude.
49Seriously – SurrenderPhilippians 2:3-8(Series Sermon 4) Living a life of surrender.
50Xmas: What’s Missing in Your Christmas? - AmazementGenesis 3:15(Series Sermon 1) A Christmas series. The X was used on purpose to stress what’s missing most in our 21st century Christmases. Christ. Sermon 1: what’s missing is Amazement.
51Xmas: What’s Missing in Your Christmas? - The SupernaturalMatthew 1:18-25(Series Sermon 2) What’s missing in our Christmas? The supernatural.
52Xmas: What’s Missing in Your Christmas? - Reflection and PerspectiveLuke 2:19(Series Sermon 3) What’s missing in our Christmas? Reflecting on the coming of Jesus and what that really means.

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