Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal

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You can read through your Bible this year using the Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal. This journal is a fantastic tool to assist you in reaching your goal of reading the entire Bible in a year. Start January 1, July 12, November 28, or any day of the year. Any day is a good day to start!


There aren’t many goals more worthy than reading God’s Word, from cover to cover. What could be more rewarding and fulfilling than reading through the Bible in a year? The richness and continuity of the Bible come only through a complete reading. Seeing and reading for yourself the whole counsel of God can be life-changing. If reading through the Bible in a year is your goal, you have made a wise choice.

Has this been your goal before? In years past, you jumped in and got off to a good start. But things happened, you got bogged down, you got distracted, or you simply forgot. After missing a day or a week or a month, you let the dream of reading through the Bible fade away. You’re disappointed in your lack of success, and you may even think this goal is out of your reach.

If that last paragraph rings true with you, there’s good news. The Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal is the tool for your success.


The key to reading through the Bible in a year is to have a plan. The Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal provides that key. The journal has detailed instructions for planning your year in God’s Word. After completing the steps in the instructions, you will have a plan to finish – before you start! There are also details on how to use the journal to make the most of your daily reading.


Each page in the Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal covers one day of Bible reading. The day you’re on and the Bible passage to read sits at the top, for easy reference. There’s also a section to check off the day’s reading and to enter the date you read that passage. There are no dates in the Journal, so you can start your reading at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait until January 1 to start pursuing your goal! You can get a journal and start today.

Each page in the journal covers that days’ reading. The page has a section to record notes. A section for what God is saying to you through the day’s reading, and for prayer, as you respond to the Word of God. Prompts throughout the journal track your progress and encourage you to continue.


You’re going to come across passages that are especially meaningful to you. Many times those passages fade from memory as you move forward in your reading. The journal has a Notes section, so you’ll always have a record.

The passage you’re reading may also raise some questions. Write those questions down and you’ll have them there so you can search for answers later. Or record any particular insight you gain from your reading. Nothing is off-limits in the Notes section.

The Notes section will prove to be an invaluable asset to your reading and understanding of the Word of God. It’s another one of the great tools you’ll find in the Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal.


God has spoken in many ways to many people throughout the ages. But His primary means of speaking to you today is through His Word, the Bible. Your goal for reading the Bible is not just to finish it but to hear God’s voice when you read.

The Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal provides plenty of room on each page. Room to record the impressions and voice of God as you read. Did God speak to your heart as you read through the life of David? Is He impressing strongly on your heart as you read Romans 8? Write it down! Now you have them in writing. And, as a plus, you may flip through your journal weeks or years later and let God remind you what He said to you TODAY!

What God Said to Me section may be the most valuable part of the Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal.


God speaks to you as you read through the Bible. But it’s not intended to be a one-way conversation. As God speaks to us through His Word, we can talk with Him through prayer. There’s a generous Prayer section on each page of the Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal. As you read, record your responses to the Lord here.

This section is also a great place to start a prayer list. Add your friends, family, church, or any other prayer need you may be aware of. Practice transferring your prayer list from page to page and day to day. That’s a great time and reminder to pray for each one. You’ll find the Prayer section being the most used part of your Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal.


At times it’s difficult to continue reading through the Bible for 365 days. When there’s no way to measure your progress, you can lose track and may even lose interest. Measurements can provide encouragement, as you see your progress clicking off each day.

The Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal has prompts and encouragement to keep on keeping on. Each page has reminders of how much progress you’ve made. These prompts break down the Bible into bite-sized chunks. You can always see you are making progress and reaching your goal – completing the reading of the Bible in a year!


Goals are always easier to reach when someone else is seeking the same goal. This journal is a fantastic tool to encourage and inspire. Get copies for your Sunday School class, small group, or entire church to read through the Bible this year. Set and complete the goal of reading through the Bible in a year together!


Whether you tried before, or want to start for the first time, get your copy of the Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal today. Discover God’s Word in a more deeper and satisfying way.

Read Through the Bible in a Year Journal

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