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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Author of the Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors series

Most of the time, when we get a book, about all we know about the author is a paragraph or two from a back page or back cover. I wanted to let you know a little bit more about me than that.

I was saved at the relatively late age of 30. I had attended church off and own as a teen but nothing regular. The Lord used some older Sunday School teachers to reach out to me and my wife and get us involved in a local church. The church had a summer revival, and on the night of June 5, 1995, Jesus called me to Him, and I responded.

Within 2 years, I sensed the Lord calling me into the ministry. We sold our dream home, which we had just built, and moved to New Orleans, LA to attend seminary. I spent 4 years in seminary, receiving a BA degree in Pastoral Ministries, and 46 hours toward an MDiv.

I began pastoring my first church soon after starting seminary. The church was a small church in the middle of nowhere Mississippi. Those people welcomed us with open arms, enduring a rookie pastor, and we spent the next seven years there. My daughter still considers that place home.

We left there to start a new church. We didn’t know where the Lord wanted the new church, so we moved back home, in northern Mississippi, to pray and discern His will. It turned out that was a good move. Because that’s where He wanted to start a new church. Home.

I’ve never tried anything as hard as starting a new church from scratch. But we launched in January 2008. We saw growth, baptizing over 100 people in the following 9 years. There were times of great rejoicing but also times of intense hurt. We reached a point where both my family life and ministry life were strained and painful. So in 2017, we resigned from the church where we had poured everything.

Since we left in 2017, we’ve had some serious family health issues. In March 2018, my daughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had her thyroid removed and received radiation treatment. As of now, praise the Lord, she is cancer free.

In June 2018, I had foot surgery to remove some hardware from a previous surgery. I’m getting around much better.

A couple of weeks later, also in June 2018, my wife suffered a heart attack. Her “widow maker” artery was 99.9% blocked. The doctors put a stent in and, again, praise the Lord, she is doing well.

In the meantime, I’ve been filling in occasionally for local pastors. I’m also working full-time as a merchandiser for a big-box home improvement company. I still work on preparing sermons. I still have a heart for helping and serving those in ministry. I know, in God’s timing, He will put me right where He wants me.

For now, the Lord has defined my ministry as one to my wife and daughter, my elderly Dad (86 years old) and my mom (81 years old), and my work, where the fields are white with harvest (and I’m starting to see the Lord work). My ministry also includes serving pastors and preachers, who I know are sometimes overwhelmed. That’s why I’ve doubled down on the Busy Pastor Sermons website and its reach.

So, there you go, a little bit more than what you’ll find on my book’s authors page. I’ve had a life of ups and downs, but Jesus has never let me down.

So, what’s your story? I’d love to hear where you’re at and how you got there. Use the form below to tell me your story. I look forward to it!

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My Timeline

  • 1965

    Born in Amory, MS

  • 1983

    Graduated high school from Hatley High School


  • 1983

    Began at Itawamba Junior College on basketball scholarship

  • 1986

    Graduated from Itawamba Junior College with an AAS degree in Electronics Technology


  • 1986

    Began working for Telex Computers as a Field Engineer

  • 1989

    Married Teresa


  • 1990

    Left Telex Computers

  • 1990

    Began working at Cooper Tire as Maintenance Electrician


  • 1990

    Daughter Lauren Born

  • 1995

    Miraculously Saved by Jesus Christ


  • 1997

    Called into the Preaching Ministry and Began Preaching

  • 1998

    Left Cooper Tire


  • 1998

    Enrolled at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • 1999

    Became Pastor of Hebron Baptist Church


  • 1999

    Graduated New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a BA in Pastoral Ministry

  • 2000

    Began Master of Divinity Program at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


  • 2001

    Mission to Romania

  • 2002

    Left New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with 46 hours in M.Div.


  • 2005

    Mission to Kenya and Uganda

  • 2006

    Left Hebron Baptist Church


  • 2006

    Began Church Planting

  • 2008

    Launched LifePointe Church


  • 2008

    Mission to Uganda and Kenya

  • 2012

    Launched the Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors book series


  • 2017

    Left LifePointe Church

  • 2017 - present

    Supply Preacher

    2017 - present


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