Read My Kindle Books Without a Kindle

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Author: Rob Westbrook
Updated: 12/14/2018
Read My Kindle Books Without a Kindle


The sale and consumption of eBooks, the electronic sibling of the printed book, is steadily rising. Kindles, those eBook readers from Amazon, are the device of choice for many who read these eBooks. Many authors bypass the printed book entirely, making their books eBooks only. Those without a Kindle, or some type of eBook-specific reader, may think they’re left out, that there’s no way they can buy and enjoy those eBooks. If you don’t have a Kindle or eBook reader, how can you read eBooks?

Here’s great news for you: YOU DON’T HAVE TO OWN A KINDLE TO READ A KINDLE BOOK. I read Kindle eBooks all the time and I don’t even own a Kindle. And I do it in a variety of ways – my iPhone, iPad, and laptop. Amazon, as well as Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, and Kobo, (who all sell eBooks and eBook readers) have apps available for most smartphones and, here’s the good news, your desktop or laptop computer. Even better, all of these apps are free.

You can purchase books right from these apps. And these apps are convenient to use, syncing your books, bookmarks, and last reading location across devices. That means you can start reading a book on your desktop, pick up your reading later on your iPhone, and maybe finish it on your laptop at home. The book follows you!

One other plus with eBooks is the pricing. Since there’s no physical book involved, the cost of an eBook is usually less than it’s printed cousin, sometimes substantially so.

While my books are available on all platforms, I recommend the Amazon Kindle app. The sheer number of books available for the Kindle and Kindle App make it the top pick for ebook reading apps.

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