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Start a Revolution for Jesus!

Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Church Revolution is a 7 part sermon series focused on bringing change and passion to your church. The church is the people, and if there’s to be a change in our church there has to be a change in our people.

This sermon series is formed around this statement: A Church Revolution is when the individuals who make up the church completely and fundamentally change themselves, their church, and their community by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This sermon series will provide you the groundwork for beginning a revolution at your church, a revolution for Jesus Christ.

Sermon Titles and Scripture References:

  1. Church Revolution – Uprising or Revolution? – John 6:67-68
  2. Church Revolution – Revolution Heart – Luke 10:25-37
  3. Church Revolution – Don’t Waste Your Life – Romans 6:13
  4. Church Revolution – Called to Revolution – Genesis 12:1-4
  5. Church Revolution – Revolution Boot Camp – Romans 12:2
  6. Church Revolution – Take Up the Cross – Luke 9:21-26
  7. Church Revolution – Finale – Luke 10:25-37