Pastor and Preaching Resources: A Comprehensive List

Pastor and Preaching Resources

If you’re a pastor, you know the value of good solid resources. Below you’ll find my list of pastor and preaching resources. This is a live list, and will be updated as I find more and add them here. This list consists of what I believe are books and materials to help you as you prepare sermons and grow your ministry.

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Pastor and Preaching Resources


The primary resource and anchor for a pastor is the Bible. There is no other tool more important. I enjoy a good study Bible. It’s like having a mini-commentary on the same page as the Bible. I also like to read from different Bible versions to get a good, solid understanding of the text. My eyesight is not as sharp as it once was, so I prefer large print.

Basic Bible Study Tools

After the Bible, I find basic Bible study tools are tremendous resources. A good concordance, Bible dictionary, Bible handbook, and a word study book go a long way in preparing a rock-solid message.


Commentaries are wonderful tools for sermon preparation. I often get new insight or find little nuances by consulting commentaries. Commentaries come in many varieties. There are one volume commentaries for quick access and easy use. They also don’t take up as much space on the bookshelf. Then there are the multi-volume commentary sets, usually containing commentary on only one or two books of the Bible per volume. In many cases, multi-volume commentaries go much deeper into the text, often with in-depth exposition of Greek or Hebrew. A good commentary or commentary set should be the goal of a pastor.


Our theology has to be firm when we stand before God’s people preaching God’s Word. In my opinion, every pastor should be a student of theology. The world, including many Christians (even pastors), have no idea what they believe or what they should believe. These theology books dive deep into the foundational doctrines of conservative Christian theology.


It’s one thing to have the resources for building a sermon. It’s another to put it all together into something that conveys the message God has for His people. These books guide you through building effective sermons and help you develop a process that will serve you for your entire ministry.


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