Finally, a Subscription Box Crafted for Christians: Faithbox

Subscription boxes are hot.

No. Subscription boxes are not just hot. They are on fire!

Their wave of popularity is sweeping over the country. More and more people are discovering the uniqueness and excitement of receiving subscription boxes delivered straight to their doors.

Looking for beauty products? Subscribe to Birchbox. Want to skip the grocery store and still cook gourmet meals? There’s Blue Apron. Healthy snacks? Get Graze. Chocolate? Cookies? Barbeque? Candy? Macaroons? There’s a subscription box for that. And we don’t want to leave out our barking furry friends, do we? Add a subscription for Barkbox. Birds, cats, even unicorns – they all have subscription boxes tailored just for them.

So, what about Christians? Has anyone thought about us?

Yes, they have!

Faithbox is the subscription box uniquely crafted just for Christians.

Wait a minute. What’s a subscription box?

A subscription box is a box full of products. Companies put together various items, usually monthly. These items match the company’s niche. Because the companies buy the items they include at bulk prices, they pass on the savings to you. The retail value of the box’s contents is more than the price for a subscription – many times significantly more.  You subscribe to receive these boxes, just like a magazine. Every month the boxes are delivered to your front door. At which point, you tear into it to see what goodies you get this month!

That’s what Faithbox does.

Every month they pack a box full of items carefully crafted for us Christians.

Faithbox Subscription Box for Christians

Here’s how Faithbox defines itself: “We’re a Christian community that helps you stay centered in Christ every month with our amazing devotional, inspired content, and hand-picked products that do good!”

What’s in the box?

Every month is different, and you won’t know what’s in the box until it arrives at your front door! Each Faithbox is based on an uplifting theme and includes our daily devotional book, Everyday Faith, plus inspired content and tools to help you end the month more centered in Christ than you began. We also include amazing products and books that have a positive impact on the world!

Isn’t that great? Every month something new arrives at your door, centered on Christ, for your inspiration and growth.

Faithbox subscription box

How can you get the amazing Faithbox Christian subscription box?

Faithbox makes it so simple to set up your monthly subscription. Simply click the button below and get your first Faithbox on its way!

Don’t miss this opportunity

As they say at Faithbox, “Embrace your journey. Get started now.” Give the button a click. Embrace your journey!

Start your uniquely crafted, Christ-inspired Faithbox subscription today!

Faithbox subscription box for Christians

Start your uniquely crafted, Christ-inspired Faithbox subscription today!

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