When I first entered the ministry, I knew absolutely nothing about sermon preparation. My first sermon was a fulfillment of that old preacher’s saying, “Preach everything you know in ten minutes and then go over it again!”

I was determined to learn how to better prepare sermons. That quest eventually led me to seminary where I had some wonderful professors who loved the Lord and loved beginner preachers. I’m grateful for all their teaching and input.

But there was quite a bit of time between my first sermon and my seminary years. As I searched for tools during that span, I found one book that quickly became my favorite. That book was Building Sermons to Meet People’s Needs by Harold T. Bryson. Sadly, the book now appears to be out of print. EDIT: I’ve found the book back in print at Amazon. Here’s the link: Building Sermons to Meet People’s Needs.

While going through some old files on my computer I stumbled onto a form I created from the suggestions in Dr. Bryson’s book. This form was a mainstay during my early sermon preparation efforts. I thought some of you who visit my website might like to take a look at it for yourselves. So I’ve created a .pdf file to share with you.

The form has some terms and acronyms Dr. Bryson used in his book. They may not make much sense, but I think there’s enough detail in the form for you to get the gist of it.

You can view or download the form with the link below. I hope this little tool might help you in your sermon preparation. Feel free to share the form as much as you want. Let me know if you use it!


The sermon preparation form may take a few seconds to load. Please be patient.